Much as we all welcome new experiences, life is truly fragile.

Thus, whilst enjoying the photographic opportunities that come my way, it has always been my intention to use this passion for documenting brilliant live performances to make a positive difference for others.

Consciously chosen by both myself and the numerous incredibly talented and supportive artists herein, the following charities all offer real hope for those in need.

Raising mental health awareness, challenging stigma and promoting mental wellbeing through music and the arts.

Working side-by-side with people to help them rebuild their lives. Through education, training, and support with housing, employment and health, bringing people out of homelessness for good.

Passionate about creating a world where musicians thrive. Providing help, support and opportunities to empower musicians at all stages of their lives.

So that no young person faces cancer alone – the only UK charity of its kind – Teenage Cancer Trust is dedicated to meeting the vital need of such specialised nursing care and support to get them through it.

Supporting the founders of Jamaican reggae – those artists and musicians whose music we love yet sadly now finding themselves in need.

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