The journey hasn’t always been straightforward since leaving the art college darkrooms which afforded the letters after his name. Nor has it always perfectly planned out. Though photography has always been there, so has a desire to grasp new opportunities and traverse the path ahead, whilst trusting in what fate offers in return.

For the boy from the home counties with a Boots/Bencini Comet 404-X and an obsession with music, finally arriving at a point when he could meet those talented heroes and photograph their incredible live shows… it’s what dreams are made of.

Now based in mainland Europe – having made his public debut in The Guardian – Ashley has been published both in print and online across northern Europe, whilst also seeing his images adopted for a number of music releases.

Having once devoted decades guiding others to find their place in the world – combining an unrelenting obsession for documenting live experiences with lifelong learning – his own journey is still far from over. The goal is not to be better than the next camera but, always to improve on his previous self  whilst using his love of imagery to help others.

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